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Here I have links to folders that contain my notes (powerpoints), handouts, and videos for a number of classes that I taught over the years.  Documents are in easy to read pdf format, and videos (.mp4).  "Left-click" on an icon below and you should then see the files that are available - read and/or download. Icons that take you nowhere are not yet linked (they will be)!

Classes - Apologetics.png
Church History.png
Journey Thru Bible.png
CCC Class - Bible Nature Science-01.png
Classes - End Times CCC.png
Classes - OT Exodus.png
Classes - OT Job.png
Classes - OT Isaiah.png
Classes - OT Jeremiah.png
Classes - OT Ezekiel.png
Classes - OT Daniel.png
NT - Life of Christ.png
Classes - NT Romans.png
NT - Issues in 1st Corinthians.png
Classes - NT Thessalonians.png
Classes - NT Hebrews.png
Classes - NT Revelation.png
Classes - OT Minor Prophets.png
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