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My educational videos are on YouTube, but click on the graphic (below) of the video you want to watch and a window in YouTube will open - click on icon in the lower right of the video in YouTube to expand the video to "full screen."  At the bottom of this page I have a graphic of my YouTube channel header - click on it and it will take you to my channel, there you can select "playlists" to see the videos listed in order.  If you have a "YouTube download" app in your browser, you can download them.  More will be coming.  Enjoy!

Bible Basics

BB-01 Formation of the Bible.png
BB-04 Bible - A Simple Intro.png
BB-07 Promises to the Fathers.png
BB-10.1 God's Nature.png
BB-12 Typology.png
BB-02 If You Want to Understand the Bible.png
BB-05 Bible - Basic Plot.png
BB-08 Inspired Sources.png
BB-10.2 God's Workings.png
BB-13 Sinai Covenant.png
BB-03 Biblical Story in 15 Minutes.png
BB-06 Jesus the Messiah.png
BB-09 False Prophets.png
BB-11 Covenant.png
BB-20.1 Faith - Biblical Roots.png
BB-21 Temptation & Sin.png
BB-20.2 Faith Alone.png
BB-22 Salvation.png
BB-20.3 Faith - All Faith People.png
BB-14.1 After the Apostles 30-1500 Main Title (1280x720 12 sec) Still.png
BB-14.2 After the Apostles 1500-2000 Main Title (1280x720 12 sec) Still.png
BB-04 The Will of God (1280x720 still).p
BB-05 Main Title WDTHATD Still-01.png
BB-07 Israel's Squandered Opportunity -
BB-06 God's Promises & Two Covenants - M
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